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The story of Thermotraffic is the story of our people at locations across the Netherlands, Belgium and the UK. Many of them have been with us for many years, often working their way up from beginner roles to senior positions. Others have recently joined and are enthusiastically learning their role and gaining new qualifications. The best way to find out about life with our company is to read their stories.

Cold Storage Warehousing

Adam Joslin
Head of UK Operations, UK

Adam is in charge of our UK operations. And he is keen to stress that Thermotraffic can only improve and move forward with people and the teams around us.

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Cold Storage Warehousing

Quincy Winter
Assistant Manager Cold Store

Quincy has worked his way up via a number of roles and therefore knows the job inside out. All of this experience enables him to play a key part in the smooth running of our large Maasvlakte site.

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Other Areas of Expertise

Darren Wright
Account Manager

Darren has worked in logistics and warehousing since leaving school. But even he is still learning, in a multi-facing role that brings him into contact with all our UK sites as well as a wide range of customers.

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Other Areas of Expertise

Alex Potter
Process Analyst

Alex is part of a team tasked with analyzing and streamlining processes across Thermotraffic. And in his view, the only way to do that is to visit the sites, talk to the employees and experience those processes for himself.

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Import and Export Customs Handling

Chantal de Boer Ver Voorn
Administration Support

Chantal is keen to learn so she can progress in her logistics career. Thermotraffic, she says, is the perfect place to do that.

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Other Areas of Expertise

Peter Feteris
Manager Customer Care

Owing to his in-depth knowledge of Thermotraffic and its customers, Peter was asked to head up an important new Customer Care department. It’s a challenge he is relishing, at an exciting time for the company’s growth.

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Cold Storage Warehousing

Beate Gieswinkel
Cold Store Operative

Beate feels perfectly at home among all her male colleagues at our Venlo cold store. Still, she would like it if more women joined the team. There is a good spirit and, thanks to modern tools, the work is not hard.

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Cold Storage Warehousing

Leonie Keuren
Cold Store Operative

Leonie loves the variety and freedom in her job at our cold store in Roermond. She also values the spirit in the team.

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Import and Export Customs Handling

Moniek Lammen
Team Leader Customs

Moniek Lammen, Team Leader Customs at the Venlo office, enjoys interacting across the company while responding to an ever-changing industry environment. At the same time, she loves to encourage and develop the talents of others.

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Import and Export Customs Handling

Ahsen Sarimusa
Administration Support

Ahsen loves everything to be in order. And he’s always been fascinated by logistics. So his job at our head office in Rotterdam is the perfect fit.

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Road Transportation

Maria de Frel

Maria has worked at Thermotraffic for over 20 years. As an experienced Forwarder, she sometimes receives offers to work elsewhere, but simply ignores them.

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Import and Export Customs Handling

Sander Janssen
Customs Declarant

Sander trained as an Independent Working Chef and was making good career progress as a sous-chef. But the long hours and the disruptions caused by Covid prompted him to ‘make a switch’.

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Other Areas of Expertise

Rogier Bakhuizen
Business Controller

Thermotraffic felt that Rogier had a lot to offer so they created a new role for him. And it’s a role that he has embraced enthusiastically.

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Road Transportation

Martijn Viergever
Senior Transport Planner

Martijn is an experienced container planner who truly enjoys being part of the team at the super-busy Port of Rotterdam.

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Import and Export Customs Handling

Hans van der Hulst
Customs Declarant

Hans is the longest-serving employee at Thermotraffic Venlo. He likes the company so much that he left LinkedIn because he was constantly approached to work elsewhere!

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Cold Storage Warehousing

Adam March
General Manager Kevin Hancock Ltd

Thermotraffic is rolling out a wide range of value-added services for its customers. And nobody is doing more to make it happen than Adam.

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