Meet some of our great people

The story of Thermotraffic, Norish and Kevin Hancock Ltd is the story of our people. Many of them have been with us for many years, often working their way up from beginner roles to senior positions. Others have recently joined and are enthusiastically learning their role and gaining new qualifications. The best way to find out about life with our company is to read their stories.

Freight Forwarding

Maria de Frel

Maria has worked at Thermotraffic for over 20 years. As an experienced Forwarder, she sometimes receives offers to work elsewhere, but simply ignores them.

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Angelique van der Linden
Customs Forwarder

Angelique is an experienced Customs Forwarder who joined Thermotraffic in 2021. She enjoys the variety of her role and the responsibility that comes with it. She also appreciates the fact that Thermotraffic is a very considerate employer.

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Sander Janssen
Customs Forwarder

Sander trained as an Independent Working Chef and was making good career progress as a sous-chef. But the long hours and the disruptions caused by Covid prompted him to ‘make a switch’.

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Other Areas of Expertise

Rogier Bakhuizen
Business Analyst

Thermotraffic felt that Rogier had a lot to offer so they created a new role for him. And it’s a role that he has embraced enthusiastically.

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Other Areas of Expertise

Rob Goldenbeld
Account Manager

Rob enjoys working with people from different departments to solve customer problems and introduce them to our wide range of services.

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Freight Forwarding

Martijn Viergever

Martijn is an experienced container planner who truly enjoys being part of the team at the super-busy Port of Rotterdam.

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Hans van der Hulst
Customs Forwarder

Hans is the longest-serving employee at Thermotraffic Venlo. He likes the company so much that he left LinkedIn because he was constantly approached to work elsewhere!

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Cold Storage

Ben McCarthy
Assistant Chief Engineering

Ben joined Norish after leaving school at 16 and doing an electrical apprenticeship. He gets a real buzz from fixing problems and overseeing installations at our sites.

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Cold Storage

Adrian McGee
Site Manager

Adrian has been with Norish all his working life, starting as a cleaner

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Cold Storage

Adam March
General Manager Kevin Hancock Ltd

Adam has played a key role in the success of Kevin Hancock and looks forward to the further rollout of the company’s added value services.

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