Quincy Winter
Assistant Manager Cold Store

Cold Storage Warehousing

Quincy has worked his way up via a number of roles and therefore knows the job inside out. All of this experience enables him to play a key part in the smooth running of our large Maasvlakte site.

I have worked for Thermotraffic since 2006. My first role was in the cold store, where I also gained the skills to work as a reach truck driver. In 2015 I asked to train as a logistics team leader and later moved into a logistics administrative position. It was a good fit because I could bring my experience from the cold store into the office environment. I understood exactly what was required.

I have now been in the role of assistant manager for two years at our new Maasvlakte site.

Wide ranging responsibilities

The central part of my job is to support the cold store manager with all his tasks and responsibilities. Further to that I take care of the correct execution of the daily operational tasks, making sure we comply with legal regulations related to areas like customs, working hours, occupational safety and hygiene. I am therefore responsible for order and cleanliness on the shop floor and outside areas, the deployment of personnel, the use of materials and means of transport. I am also the first point of contact for the office and the customers.

Flexibility and responsiveness

We work during the day and there is no shift work. My morning starts with looking at the work we have for the day. We coordinate the schedule a day in advance so that we know exactly which containers are coming in to be emptied. If there are containers with loose boxes I will put on extra people. We assign people: who does what and where.

During the day we make adjustments, especially when situations arise that demand immediate action. Then we will jump in to get that done right away. For example, if we are unloading a container and a call comes in from the office saying that a truck has just been loaded but that something has gone wrong. Then we stop immediately, bring the truck back and check everything so that it can continue on its way.

Around 10 am we make the planning for the next day, who is working and is anyone free. We might then hire additional people through a temp agency. Toward the end of the afternoon, we look at what we have left, for example in terms of loading work. Finally, we pick up the loading slips for the next day.

Diverse and positive interactions

I enjoy the diversity. The work is always different and you deal with a lot of people, all with different personalities. The interaction and communication with each other is very good.

I have the most contact with the transport department. In terms of transport, it’s mainly about knowing which truck is coming in for loading and approximately what time. And containers: for example, to check the location of the containers we still have to unload. We also have an inspection department here, of course. The containers have to be on site on time for inspection so we have a lot of contact with the container department about that.

Teamwork and opportunities

I would advise anyone with an interest in logistics to consider Thermotraffic. There is an informal atmosphere and it’s very easy to fit into the team. The working conditions are very pleasant and you can raise any issue with anyone. Everyone knows what to expect from each other.

As for myself, I have ambitions and of course, I want to grow within the company as much as I can. The great thing is that there are plenty of opportunities to do so at Thermotraffic.

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