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Kevin Hancock is Operations Director of our 12 cold stores across the UK and the Netherlands. He is passionate about cold storage warehousing and the role that frozen food plays in the global supply chain.

Over the course of a long career in cold storage warehousing I have developed a great passion for the temperature-controlled food supply chain. We live in a ‘Global Village’ and the global supply chain is paramount to many of the food items we all enjoy and take for granted. Throughout my career, during which I have worked with large businesses in the sector and also started and owned my own businesses, I have always focused on “What does the client require?”

Adding value

My role at Thermotraffic is to ensure that we offer added value to customers throughout the whole process. At the core of this is blast freezing and up-tempering so that we deliver the food to the clients at the temperature they require ‘just in time’. Thermotraffic is recognised as the market leader in up-tempering using the latest technologies of continuous Microwave and Rapid Air, we can take products from -18°C to -2°C in 3 minutes. Couple this to the other services we provide such as blast freezing, metal detecting, co packing, container loading and unloading, and our own distribution fleet, and we are able to offer our clients the great flexibility of ‘just in time.’ This considerably reduces both food and production time wastage, which ultimately results in cost savings.

Cold storage benefits everyone

Frozen food is every bit as healthy as fresh food, and it offers great value for money at a time when the cost of living is hitting all-time highs. In recent years, Brexit and Covid have put pressure on the supply chain, and that is putting up prices. All our services are designed to provide the flexibility that leads to less wastage across the supply chain and reduces those cost pressures. That will help people in this inflationary period and more and more of them will turn to frozen food.

New opportunities in a people business

Cold storage is a great business to be in right now. Our objective is to offer customers an end-to-end supply chain solution, all over the world, and our UK and Dutch operations are a key part of that chain. To make it happen we have a great team of people with a deep understanding of the food manufacturing and retail market in the UK and the Netherlands. Above all, we have a passion for what we do, across all our 12 high-tech sites, and that enables us to fulfill our vision of adding value to the client.

I’m a people person. It’s all about the people who work for us and good ideas can come from anywhere so let’s listen. I also like to grow and develop you if you work for us. I came away from school with very little in the way of qualifications and I am proof that if you drive for your goals you will achieve them.

We want to be the best in what we do and we are looking for the people who can help us to achieve that. You’ll be coming into an environment where we’ll work with you to develop your career and future. And that future is bright because this is a market characterized by real growth and innovation.

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