Adam March
General Manager Kevin Hancock Ltd

Cold Storage

Adam has played a key role in the success of Kevin Hancock and looks forward to the further rollout of the company’s added value services.

I’m the General Manager of the Kevin Hancock site in Newark. Kevin Hancock Ltd is a specialist company that offers added value services for bulk food storage and preparation. Those services include blast freezing and several types of up tempering so that we deliver the food to the clients at the temperature they require just in time for production. One tempering method involves passing products through industrial-sized microwaves, which can take some products from -18 degrees to above +0 degrees in just a few minutes. We also offer services such as co packing and metal detecting of products before it is delivered to the major supply chain.

Rapid growth

The company was founded in 2018 by Kevin Hancock. We have grown phenomenally and we are already outgrowing our site, so we must be doing something right. I worked with Kevin in my previous job and he invited me to join him when he started the company. We typically handle 400 to 500 tons of product per week including butter, pork, beef, lamb, ready meals and pastry. We also offer transport to our customers making us a one-stop shop for the retail supply chain. Our customers work with us because we commit to them and build a relationship with them as we are a vital link in the chain.

The link-up with Norish creates a synergy – they have enormous storage capacity and we offer the added value services. The plan is to roll out our services at the Norish cold storage sites so that we can offer more customers the one-stop solution. It will make the lives of our customers easier and that is what we’re here for. I will be overseeing this process and it is an exciting time for anyone who wants to join us and learn about the industry.

It’s in your hands

Once you join, it’s all down to you to develop yourself within a close-knit business. We will help you to aspire to greater things by offering training to qualify for whatever role you’re interested in within the business. 

I’m a good example of someone who proves that life skills, and the correct attitude are more important than academic qualifications. I have only standard GCSEs and no further education, I started as a production line worker for a medical business. I became a Supervisor and then a Production Manager, and I was managing two separate sites in my previous role. It’s all about understanding what people want from you, and then working together to find the best way to achieve it for them.

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