Opportunities across all functions

Our renowned and comprehensive temperature-controlled solutions depend on the expertise of a wide range of dedicated professionals.

Services: Transportation, Import & Export Customs Services, Cold Store Warehousing

These are all central to our ability to ensure the safe storage and timely delivery of goods through outstanding transportation planning, precise documentation, and the operation of state-of-the-art cold store facilities.

Support: HR, Sales, Business Transformation, IT, Finance

As a forward-thinking company, we adopt the latest thinking and best practices across all functions. In doing so, we aim to exceed the expectations of our customers and create an environment in which employees are motivated and able to perform at their best.

Road Transportation

The cross-border transport of high value, temperature-controlled goods demands accurate planning and an understanding of every link in the process. Albert Hanszen, Transport Manager at our office in Rotterdam, provides an overview as to how Thermotraffic’s transport teams make it happen.

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Import and Export Customs Handling

Ricardo Gunneman heads an expert team in customs, veterinarian and phytosanitary at our office in Rotterdam. He is enthusiastic about the enormous variety of activities across Thermotraffic and is always interested to hear from anyone who wants an interesting career with real development possibilities.

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Cold Storage Warehousing

Kevin Hancock is Operations Director of our 12 cold stores across the UK and the Netherlands. He is passionate about cold storage warehousing and the role that frozen food plays in the global supply chain.

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Other Areas of Expertise

Thermotraffic is a forward-looking and leading player in temperature controlled logistics which includes transportation, import and export handlings, ocean freight, cold storage warehousing, customs, border control posts and value added services. But, as Head of Human Resources Elaine Pelisson explains, we will only continue to set the standards with support from people in key areas such as Finance, Business Transformation, IT, Sales, and Human Resources.

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