Leonie Keuren
Cold Store Operative

Cold Storage Warehousing

Leonie loves the variety and freedom in her job at our cold store in Roermond. She also values the spirit in the team.

I started in 2006 with two hours of cleaning work in the cold store at Roermond. I now work five days a week as a Cold Store Operative. I start the day with cleaning and then go out onto the shop floor. That’s where you’ll see me in my freezer suit driving the pump truck.

Varied work with a lot of freedom

Together with a colleague, who also drives the pump truck, I help load and unload trucks, and unload and load pallets. It is quite demanding, but I like the freedom I have in my work. There is no one watching your every move. The work is also very varied and every day is different.

Helping each other

I feel very much at home here in Roermond. The team is very friendly and that’s worth a lot. We help each other. For example, I scan pallets for my colleague on the reach truck when I have time to spare. That’s one less job for him and it saves time when loading the trucks. Or we just unload the truck with our pump trucks by ourselves, freeing up another colleague to get on with the stickering. Even if there are occasional problems, we help each other. The Team Leader doesn’t have to tell us, we can see what needs to be done ourselves.

Nice colleagues

I think it’s really great work. Just let me loose to dash through the cold store! With my pump truck I get everywhere. I do everything myself, although my male colleagues are willing to help me if a box is really heavy. Of course, the warehouse is mainly a man’s world, but I feel at home in it. I also get along well with my colleagues in the office. We hang out there when there’s a bit of down time, to warm up and catch up with what’s happening.

Most people have been working here for a long time. Of course, that is not for nothing. There is just a very good atmosphere here. And it’s because of my wonderful colleagues that I enjoy going to work every day.

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