Moniek Lammen
Team Leader Customs

Import and Export Customs Handling

Moniek Lammen, Team Leader Customs at the Venlo office, enjoys interacting across the company while responding to an ever-changing industry environment. At the same time, she loves to encourage and develop the talents of others.

Interaction for customer service

I started at Thermotraffic in early January 2022. Since then, my team has grown rapidly and now consists of 7 people.

The job is endlessly challenging and fun. With the increase in international trade, the number of shipments requiring Customs handling only ever grows. And there are always changes and developments in terms of regulations, upgrades to national Customs systems, and other areas. Part of my job is to make sure that
Thermotraffic evolves in response to these changes while helping our clients to understand and navigate them.

Clients also ask us to provide services beyond our core Customs function, such as transport or cold storage. That’s where I get to steer them towards other locations and departments. There is deep expertise across Thermotraffic and it’s very satisfying to be able to draw on my colleagues to solve complex or urgent customer needs.

As specialists in temperature-controlled logistics, we handle products such as meat and fish, plants, vegetables and fruit. So, I also find myself working closely with authorities such as the NVWA (Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority) to make sure that shipments run smoothly by complying with the regulations around shipping these products.

Developing the talent pipeline

As a Team Leader, I always look for potential in others and then encourage them to grow and develop. I’m proud to say that I have helped people with no experience to build a career as they go from performing basic administrative work to handling complex customs tasks.

So, there are real opportunities here to acquire valuable expertise in the veterinary and phytosanitary fields. And, at the same time, to think with us as we respond to industry developments and offer more services to our customers.


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