Peter Feteris
Manager Customer Care

Other Areas of Expertise

Owing to his in-depth knowledge of Thermotraffic and its customers, Peter was asked to head up an important new Customer Care department. It’s a challenge he is relishing, at an exciting time for the company’s growth.

I started at Thermotraffic 25 years ago, in accounting. I worked in that department for almost 4 years. Then the company decided to arrange our transport in-house instead of outsourcing it. At the start of this, I helped the new Transport department with invoicing.

Alongside the accounting, I started to perform some customer and logistics support. This appealed to me and became my main role to the point where I became the department manager. I did that for about 12 years. So, I experienced continuous growth in my roles and responsibilities.

In 2023 Thermotraffic decided to set up a Customer Care department to enhance the customer journey and experience by providing end-to-end visibility and traceability and serving as a centralized point of contact for our customers. I was asked if I wanted to set that up, and I quickly said ‘Yes’. After all, I’ve worked in several departments, I know people across the company and enjoy taking on a new challenge. So now I’m Manager of Customer Care.

A new mission for customer care

Our mission is to become a trusted and respected business partner, delivering genuine customer satisfaction. To enhance our services and foster closer relationships with our customers, we are transitioning to a single point of contact for some of our larger customers, ensuring clarity on where they can direct their inquiries. We collaborate with our customers proactively, anticipating their needs and continually seeking opportunities to enhance our services.

Going deeper

I am currently experimenting with various scenarios to gain a deeper understanding of our customers’ logistics flows. Additionally, I am collaborating with the IT department to explore how automation can facilitate the delivery of comprehensive insights through a unified overview.

A multi-facing role

The most enjoyable aspect of my job is ensuring the customer is satisfied at the end of the day. An important aspect of that is ensuring that colleagues are happy and able to do their job properly by giving customers the answers they seek. By overseeing the whole process I can see what my colleagues are up against, and fix issues to assist them and the customers. So, on the one hand, I am working for the customer, but on the other hand, I am working internally to implement improvements.

Personal and company growth

Due to projects like mine, this is an interesting time to join Thermotraffic. There are a lot of expansion plans. This will provide even more opportunities for your professional growth.

Over the years I have witnessed Thermotraffic’s steady growth. Yet, amidst this expansion, it remains a close big family, where everyone works together to achieve common goals. The longevity of many employees’ tenure at Thermotraffic speaks volumes about the pleasant and positive working atmosphere cultivated within the company.

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