Freight Forwarding Responding dynamically to a rapidly changing industry

Freight Forwarding is at the heart of everything that Thermotraffic does. Basically, it means we are the customer’s logistics department, an intermediary who brings together all the parties involved to ensure that the goods are moved from end to end. You are busy with shipping companies to arrange releases, with transporters to arrange the transport, and with the customs department to arrange the documents.

An industry in transition

We are currently seeing an important development in that we are transitioning from an old-school forwarder to a real logistics service provider. We used to be a customs agent. We are now expanding our service package to such an extent that we offer complete logistics solutions. In doing so we do a lot to relieve our customers of dealing with the increasing complexity of logistics.

Within this context, the way of doing things has become faster, the volumes are bigger. You used to have ships with 2,000 containers, nowadays you have ships with 20,000 or 24,000 containers. The volumes transported around the world have simply increased enormously. And companies are making much more use of data systems. That is why we are investing in software and IT.

Specialized knowledge

However, the veterinary world is still a little different with only a small number of providers. Therefore, customers come directly to us because of our knowledge of the specific market. We have the capacity to handle the many authorities and we know all the laws and regulations around food safety. That makes it fun and challenging.

Interesting challenges

The biggest challenge right now is the complete disruption in the logistics chain due to factors like Covid, Suez and Ukraine. The volumes are still rising and the complexity is increasing. The terminals are packed and it is very difficult to catch up. On the other hand, that is the great thing about logistics. The unpredictability means that it is never boring.

That’s why we need people who are problem solvers, who are dynamic, and who can think ahead. People who can look at the data to solve problems before they occur. The world has changed and we have to change with it.

Opportunities to develop

Owing to all these factors there is an opportunity for you to actively contribute to the transition we are currently going through. And to develop yourself because there are so many possibilities. There is a good business plan and I see a bright future.

That’s why I chose Thermotraffic. I have worked all over the world but I like the Rotterdam culture: don’t nag, just work. That suits me best. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a little fun in your work. That you go home and think: ‘Wow, I’ve had a nice day.”

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