Rob Goldenbeld
Account Manager

Other Areas of Expertise

Rob enjoys working with people from different departments to solve customer problems and introduce them to our wide range of services.

After leaving school I worked for a couple of other logistics companies before joining Thermotraffic in May 1988. I have passed through different departments and roles. For instance, I was Transport Manager and set up the international transport department.

Starting in 2005 I focused on sales, first as a Sales Manager and then as Sales Executive. I generated leads by visiting customers and trade fairs and cold calling. This really suited me down to the ground. I worked mainly for our locations in the Netherlands, Belgium and the UK, also selling the services of our sister companies Eurofrigo, Hiwa, Frigologistics, and Godfroy. We belong to the Nichirei Corporation – the largest temperature-controlled logistics group in Japan.

Becoming an Account Manager

In February 2022, I became an Account Manager, focused more on existing customers. I keep an eye on the logistical movements and try to extend our services to existing customers. For example, when we receive, handle and clear a container, I try to sell the transportation of the container or some storage at Eurofrigo. Or when a customer imports from England, I try to sell them Kevin Hancock or Norish services. I look across the organization to see where we can offer the customer a service that will help them to optimize their logistic supply chain. I also visit customers to discuss our service level and to make sure that we keep ourselves informed about their needs and expectations.

The Sales department currently consists of three people. We all have contact with current customers in different ways and I also occupy myself with new sales. The balance of my work is approximately 80:20 existing customers to new sales.

New customers

New sales can come from cold cases, for example after visiting a trade fair. I might pass the contact on to a colleague depending to some extent on the product group. My field of knowledge is meat and fish-related products, or veterinary as we call it. That’s where my network is, both at home and abroad. My colleague is more specialized in fresh produce such as fruit and vegetables. But we also take over leads from each other, for example when someone is absent.

We have daily meetings within the department to discuss what is going on and what actions need to be taken. I also have very close contact with colleagues in Operations because to sell our services you need their cooperation, particularly regarding transport and customs.

Day-to-day variety

In logistics things always turn out differently than you thought they would the day before. You could be planning to draw up quotations for customers, but if you receive a call from a customer about a problem you must be able to react immediately. That still appeals to me. It is very diverse. I really enjoy finding a solution to a particular logistical problem for an existing customer or for a lead.

Thermotraffic is an employer with very good benefits in terms of salary, pension and insurance. Another important aspect is that the company is open to you staying up to date – or even going in another direction – through learning and training. There are plenty of opportunities for personal growth, within all departments and branches of Thermotraffic.